Anderson's Playschool - Orange Terrace Community Center in Riverside

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This program is great!
I highly recommend Anderson's Playschool.
Anderson & Gains are wonderful!
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This program is great!

This program is great! My daughter had a great time during the summer.
Not only did she have a good time, she also learned a lot and made new friends.

It was great to hear about her day. She always had great stories about the staff.
Mrs. Gaines, Mr. Alex, Miss Ryan, Miss Brianne, Mr. D and Mrs. Anderson amongst others were great teachers.
The program is fun and everyday there is an activity you can sign your kid up for.
Cooking, Art, Sports, Science and math!
I would definitely recommend this program to everyone. 
It’s a stepping stone to help your kids come out of their shell and be more active, make friends and have fun while learning at the same time.
Mrs. Anderson is great with the kids!
I couldn’t ask for a better teacher.

Thank you Mrs. Anderson to you and your staff for providing such a fun and safe environment for the kids!

Soila Trejo
Monserrat’s Mom

Group A